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Cyndi was a successful business manager, working in product and sales and marketing management, and a new mom when necrotizing fasciitis (otherwise known as flesh eating disease) entered her life, and altered it forever.  She awoke after five weeks of battling this disease, to find her hands and feet had been amputated in an effort to save her life.

In Cyndi’s story, she shares her passion for life with us and how it helped her to overcome many obstacles in her rehabilitation; recapturing her relationships with her children, learning to walk, swim, and dance thru life again.  During her recovery she started a blog to keep family and friends updated on her progress. Reflected in her writing, her inspiring attitude attracted media attention. It has resulted in numerous television appearances and feature stories.  Regardless of the ongoing battle to recapture her life, her main concern is helping others. And with that she is working on starting initiatives to create awareness about necrotizing fasciitis as well as the challenges amputees face.

Learn how with love and support surrounding her, she turned a traumatic situation into one of hope and inspiration.....and found her true purpose to shine-on.


A quadruple amputee’s quest to shine with new light.

It started out as a small white light.

I knew why it was here.

The light felt warm and inviting.

I knew it would welcome me but I was afraid I would want to stay.

It was a beautiful light, but I was not ready.

The echo of my voice was resonating inside my head,

please not now!  

Images of my children's faces flashed in front of me, play-by-play images of the long journey I had taken to be called “mama”. 

I'm just not ready. ..

excerpt from Cyndi’s Story                                                                            9/12/12

by Cyndi Desjardins

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